Monday, September 29, 2008

Go Brewers

Why am I not at the Brewer Rally today?????????????


I am not sure what everyone else's take is on this, but I am kind of sad that ER is going to be over this season. I have been a faithful follower for ER since the very start. Yes, I will admit I am a TV junkie, I watch all together too much TV. But its my time to relax and not have to use any brain power, so I get to veg a bit. ER is one of those shows that I do not miss. Jeff has not watched one episode EVER, and refuses to. I think he is proud that he has not seen even one. How could I catch him up anyways, too much going on. Anyways, here I sit, finishing up the season premiere of ER and IT IS SO SAD!! For those that didn't watch it yet, do not read on. But come on now, how can Pratt die?? In my crazy world, I have grown accustomed to the ER family, and they soon will be gone. What will a girl do? Maybe start another book...

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Night of Fire pits and Brewers

Jeff and I are sitting outside by the fire pit as we speak (or not speak, technically). There is truly nothing better than sitting outside by the fire pit, listening to the Brewers...yes, old school...I did say listening, and having a brewski. We are super fired up for the Brew Crew this weekend. We'll I should back that up and say we have been fired up all season for the Brew Crew. It has come down to these last 3 games. Let's all hope for lots of Brew wins, and Met's losses. Sorry NY fans, have to cheer against you.

Hola que tal

Can I possibly be on the computer any more than I already am? Apparently the obvious answer is yes. I now feel compelled to write another blog, this one may be diverted away from my kids (I am sure they will sneak their way in somehow). But I really enjoy this. Back in the days of the slam books (Tracy, are we dating ourselves??), that was my first "journaling" experience, but this takes it to a different level.