Friday, January 16, 2009

deep thoughts, by Jack Handy

It is 10:00pm and Jeff has gone back to work. Here I sit playing poker. And drinking a glass of wine. And folding laundry. And cleaning up the house. And watching Private Practice...Can you say multitasking?? Would our husbands be able to do this?? My guess is no. Well, really it is my 2nd glass of wine.
I hosted a playdate today at our house. We got on the conversation of moving. The ladies that were there live in Milwaukee, about 2 blocks from Tosa. They are apparently on the waiting list for Tosa schools, and supposedly are interested in moving into Tosa. Funny thing, that we are thinking of moving and heads turned when I mentioned that we may put the house up for sale in spring. Could it really be that easy? Probably not, but wouldn't it be nice? I look at homes every day, of course finding lots of things that we like, now. It would be so great if we could sell our house quick (would that be a miracle in the economic status we are in), and then buy one of the many we like. It is nice to know that people that potentially are interested in moving to tosa, say that your home is move-in-condition, and they would be very interested in when we put it on the market???? I guess we will see what will happen. All I know is that if I have a counter next to my stove I may be the happiest person ever...