Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Book Club

So there must be about 20 e-mails flying around about book club. We usually randomly pick a book and date to discuss. I'll admit, I don't always finish the book, sometimes I am heavily involved in another one (or more), or simply put, do not have any interest in the book itself. The book this month is as listed below, You Remind Me of Me, by Dan Chaon. The story focuses on the lives of 3 people that are interwoven together by unfortunate events. It is a really good book. Unfortunately, book club happens to fall on this Thursday, which is the first Thursday of the month, which is when Jeff teaches a class on navigating the Fidelity website. Come on now, hello crazy market, do people really need to be doing that now? I have book club here, that's way more important the economy...sure. Anyways, no sitter. So I will find out from Tracy the next book and date.

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