Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wedding time!!

Oh how I miss weddings! There was a period of our lives when I swear we had a wedding to attend a few times each month. That might be a slight exaggeration, but still, there was a lot! Now we are heading into work-friends weddings. These sometimes make me feel old, but I still have tons of fun none-the-less. I classify myself in the mid-range category. No longer single, but my kids aren't quite out of the house yet. So, i am not really THAT old. Only in how you perceive yourself I guess. My friend Michelle asked me to do her flowers for the wedding. Just the wedding bouquet, bridesmaids, and table decorations. I was really excited, and a bit nervous, maybe a lot nervous, but I was excited! For those who do not know, I have taken a few floral design classes, and done a few arrangements for work, but never a wedding. This was all laid out on the table, but still we agreed:)
It is crazy how much florists make for weddings, it obviously takes a lot of time to do all the arranging, but still, its a lot of $$$. I was able to order the flowers for about $300, which under normal circumstances, a florist would likely charge 1000-1200 or so. The bouquet was a red color, made up of red roses, Burgundy calla lilies, black baracarra roses, and red hypercium berries. I was happy with the turn out, would change a few things for next time, if there is a next time, but otherwise I was happy! And Michelle too! I will have to get some pics of her with her dress. She looked like a princess!!

The bridesmaids arrangements were very simple, 9 white spider mum, with a lemon leaf border. They were cute and fit well with the dresses.

The table arrangements were very simple, but elegant. A single long-stemmed red rose, with white daisies surrounding it. At the bottom of each vase, were red stones that complemented the roses and rose petals. 3 votives were on each table with red rose petals strewn around (courtesy of Jeff). He was a HUGE help with the table decorations. Thanks sweetie!!

The wedding itself was a blast, lots of dancing and fun! I don't think I sat down for 15 whole minutes. It was a lot if fun, and I look forward to being "those girls" at the next work wedding. Good Luck Alyssa!!!


Jenny said...

Nice Flowers Jenny! I'll remember that next time I hear of someone looking for a fun florist!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love this! I need pics of the flowers for my scrap book, you did an amazing job, they were beautiful! And thanks to Jeff for all his help too! Michelle