Friday, November 21, 2008

thanksgiving feast...for 13 or 15

I am having Thanksgiving dinner here at our home, and I am super excited! I don't get the opportunity to "have" a holiday where I get to cook, bring out the good china, and all the other "fun" that goes along with it. I invited my parents, and Tim and Emily over for dinner. Then we found out that Jeff's sister Mary Jo and the family are coming into town for Thanksgiving this year. They usually have Thanksgiving in Wi Rapids each year, and Jeff and I will go up there every other year. It's so hard to have to split holiday's between families, but that is how it works...we all do it. I wish I could go up there and come back with a snap of my fingers, but unfortunately it takes 3 hrs...Anyways, this year Jeff and I invited everyone over here, since Mary Jo and the fam were in town anyways. Also Jeff's mom has to work at Boston Store at 3 AM the next day, that sucks. So I think that it will work out great! I may be a crazy person, but it will be worth it. I will be in cahoots with Nicki when I cook the turkey. Last time I talked with her, she was looking for tips on cooking a turkey and I proclaimed that it really is not that hard. So we may be on the phone back and forth to figure it all out! I am in the process of making up the menu. Everyone is pitching in and bringing something so maybe the chaos will be kept to a minimum...yeah right! What would the holidays be without chaos???

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