Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To finish the basement or to not finish the basement...

That is the question...Jeff and I have been considering looking for a bigger house. We seem to be outgrowing our home, well, the toys seem to be multiplying and we are running out of places to put them. It drives me crazy to not have a room that doesn't have toys in it, but it drives Jeff even more crazy. We really need a family room. A place where we can hang out most of the time, a place where we can have a spot for the kids' toys, and a place where Jeff can hang his sports art. It is really nice and I am looking forward to having it hung up. This is coming from the wife who has Brett hung over the fireplace (is it about time to take that down yet???)
We seem to have been pretty set on moving, somewhere possibly in the Brookfield area, still close to work and parents, and downtown.
In the past few weeks, I have been thinking that maybe we COULD stay here. There are 2 things I really want in our house that we don't have; a rec/family room, and an eat in kitchen. It is so hard to keep the dining room free from clutter when that is where we have to eat each day. So, I would consider if we had the basement professionally done and really make it somewhere that we can live in, not a quick shoddy job. Now there is a list of things that we need to fix up in the house now, my list is short, Jeff's probably longer. 1) improve kitchen, how?? I have no idea 2) new windows 3) new driveway (this may be Jeff's #1...hello shoveling 100 inches of snow with a strip of grass down the middle of the driveway...what is the purpose of this????? Sorry 4) fix porch before it crumbles away 5) remodel first floor bathroom 6) Reside garage. There may be more, but the more I think about it, I love my house. I love being able to walk to the library, parks, schools, restaurants, exercise, etc. And I especially love that there are kids everywhere, surrounded by parents that have become friends.
I feel that for us to find a bigger house, we will need significant more money than what we would sell ours for...and would we be able to see it? I think yes, but really you never know. And what are the odds that we would find a house that we don't have to put in money to fix things, or furnish none-the-less. Does it make more sense to spend the money to fix he existing problems??? Who knows, some thinking to do I guess.

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Jenny said...

That's what all the HGTV shows say. It's better to renovate than move. Especially if you love your house and location! I've actually never seen your basement, but I'm sure it can be done.