Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So tonight is the BIG game...MU vs UCONN, #10 vs #2. I am so excited for this game, T minus 4 hours. I am convinced this is the year for MU to go big or go home this coming NCAA tourney. Jeff, I, his parents, and Ig and Anne are planning on following MU for the first and second round of the NCAA tournament. Now obviously we do not know where they will end up playing until selection sunday. But, they could end up in one of eight places; Boise (yuk), Minneapolis, Miami, KC, Dayton (Jeff's Alma mater), Miami (nice), Greensboro, Portland, and one more place that I cannot remember. We are really hoping for MN, it is drivable which is a huge plus, also they have a casino, which makes everyone in our group happy. Ig just sent me an e-mail about potential sites MU could end up, all based on the seed they receive. I am sure most people don't really care about this, but I am super psyched. We will see, its a tough schedule ahead, still have to make it through Louisville and Pitt. We will see, but for now...GO WARRIORS!!!!

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