Friday, March 6, 2009

Life's Love's Tag

Life's Love's Tag

Instructions: "It's the simple things in life!"
List 20 simple things you love about life!

1. Daisy's
2. The kids giggling
3. The smell of campfires
4. Going to work out
5. Chocolate shakes and french fries
6. NCAA BB tournament time
7. Going grocery myself
8. Licking the beaters off the mixer
9. Getting a real live letter in my mailbox, not my inbox
10. Girls night out
11. Snuggling
12. Hearing leaves crunching under my feet in the fall
13. Reading a good book
14. with a good cup of tea
15. Summer in WI
16. Sleeping with the windows open
17. Thunderstorms
18. Pickle chips
19. Friends and family
20. Memories


Anonymous said...

Thank god, you updated! I've been missin' you;)!!


Jenny said...

i know, sorry girl!!!