Friday, December 12, 2008


Last night, Tracy hosted our monthly Girls Night Out! And what a hoot it was... We decided to have a cookie exchange, order out some dinner, have some wine, make some roll out butter cookies. We really had a great time, lots of fun, and lots of laughs! I have to say, it might be high on my list of GNO. It was nice to visit with all my wonderful friends, what could be better during the Holiday season. I am so blessed to have each of of you in my life!

Here are a list of my predictions based on last night
~Nicki will become a master cookie decorator
~Tracy will become addicted to Facebook like her fellow GNO counterparts
I know I am missing some classic lines from last night...feel free to add on!


Anonymous said...

I actually think Nicki will become the leader of a successful cookie making union only after she becomes the master cookie decorator!!


Joanne said...

Yes, nicki will lead the union. As the leader you can break whenever you want

Anonymous said...

I am officially on a break right now-don't try and stop me! And yes, I will become the master as well!