Tuesday, December 9, 2008

gooooo Marquette

So, every year Marquette plays WI. They rotate home court every year, and this year it was here at the BC. Now, I thoroughly enjoy bragging rights each year if MU happens to win (love ya Tracy). I do support my WI teams, but I have such a hard time cheering for any WI when it has to do with anything MU. Now, this really relates only to BB, since MU has no football or hockey or any of those other sports. So I am a HUGE MU fan!! Nothing beTTer than an MU win, however. I was a bit worried for the first half and the first 15 min of the second half...and I really didn't feel great when WI scored so fast in the last few minutes (what was that all about). But the best team prevails this year. Ha Ha, I had to write that in (Tracy). Kidding really...???? No, but I am happy we won. Till we meet again.

Yes, the score was 61-58.

We went out to Sobelmans, which just happens to be THE BEST BURGER place EVER...seriously. I had to take this picture of this triple or quadruple (is there such thing) burger that these kids ordered. Yes, I say kids, since they were like 18 yrs old...wow...

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Jason said...

I completely agree with you about Sobelman's! Awesome burgers; can't say I've tried the triple burger or whatever was pictured there.