Wednesday, December 17, 2008

O Christmas tree

Every year, I attempt to put my Christmas decorations out early, yet here I sit with only a few up. The village is up and running, the tree having only lights is starting to look better, and that is about it. I do have the boxes of ornaments and decorations right here next to me. Does that count for something?
We got out tree from Jeff's brother-in-law Scott. It is beautiful, and HUGE! We usually put the tree in the sunroon, and also a table with the nativity set. We have the tree, and that may be about it for this year. I love having a huge tree, it is great. We will decorate it tonight, Maddy cannot wait another minute. Winston is putting everything on the tree, a balloon, Percy (that is part of Thomas the Train for those who have no idea what I am talking about).
Jeff is home sick, finally catching whatever I had. I do think I started this whole sickness thing early November, and still haven't kicked it quite yet. I am guessing because I rarely have time to rest, but that is just a guess?

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