Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I love Wednesday's...not

Does everyone know that I hate Wednesday's???? I swear, the kids know that I don't like Wednesday's, and they know how to push every button. Jeff bowls on Wednesday, which makes for a really long day, because he doesn't come home before bowling. On another note, I love having the evening (once kids go to bed), to myself. I can actually use the GUIDE on the TV to find out what is on. The aforementioned post notes the channel surfing nonsense. My Wednesday nights are pretty much the same. Clean up mess from kids, maybe exercise (usually wed is my off day), get jammies on, throw a load of laundry in, pour myself a glass of wine, and watch some TV. I should probably read a book, like the book club book I should be reading, or maybe studying for my personal training exam. I do enjoy the Wednesday's after Maddy and Winn are sleeping! I enjoy then when they are awake too...but in a different way:)

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Jenny said...

I love when my house is quite and its just me left to do what I please.